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You believe in a future of businesses assisted by AI?

You have a great chatbot/ digital assistant idea to help out your customers with customer support/ with the most obvious/ repetitive questions, your staff does not have the time or patience for?

You agree that nobody wants to talk to a computer?

Do you have already an idea how your chatbot will look like? Do you feel it is too standard, like any other chatbot and that you need to dig deeper?

It is an it? But you think immediately about a she, isn’t it?

Maybe it should be a HE? Thought about that?

Maybe you should have a chat with us.


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Our backgrounds are divers, our storytelling is strong.

Storytelling is getting more and more important. And the more AI is used, the more people notice you are using AI for your communication and marketing. But what if you build a personality for your digital assistent? More then just a unisex name, but a storyline. A real person. That way, people tend to be more respectful and understanding when they have a problem or a question.


Where storytelling, business and tech meet.

We are passionate about telling your story, helping your business and using tech.


"Thank you for the inspiring workshop to create our character!"

Luise F

Personality for Digital Assistants

We specialize in designing unique personalities for digital assistants,

making AI interactions more relatable and engaging.

Custom personality development for AI assistants, aligning with brand values and audience preferences

Scriptwriting services for AI interactions, ensuring conversations are engaging, inclusive, and reflective of the assistant's personality

Integration support to imbue existing digital assistants with the newly developed personality and storytelling capabilities

Storytelling for Non-Creatives

Hier komt nog een tekst, maar per ongeluk heb ik die verwijderd met cut-paste. Sorry!

En de iconen moeten uiteraard aangepast worden.


A step-by-step storytelling toolkit (powered by AI.) - in progress


Workshops and webinars on effective storytelling and inclusive communication


Consultancy services for personalized storytelling strategies, focusing on inclusivity and engagement